Nuteak is not foamed or nano foamed, it is naturally anti fungal
and will not absorb dirt.
When looking for an alternative to wooden decking, non-absorbent, should be near the top on your list of requirements. A foamed or aerated PVC synthetic teak, EVA foam, carpet and real teak are not 100% non absorbent. This means they will stain easier, be more susceptible to mold and fungus and require more scrubbing and maintenance which ultimately leads to a shorter life span of the product.
Stubborn dirt can be washed, pressure washed and even
sanded off of the surface.
Stains on your deck should be the last thing on your mind when you are out enjoying the water. The fact that Nuteak is non-absorbent means that it will not absorb stains, and when dirt starts to collect on the surface it can easily be washed off. In most cases 2-3 pressure washes per year will keep your deck free of build-up and looking as good as new.
Nuteak is the most realistic synthetic option compared to other
faux teak decking for boats.
Maintenance and cost aside, a real Burmese teak deck is absolutely stunning, that is why we created Nuteak. There are some good looking synthetic teak marine flooring options on the market including many colour options, but you wouldn’t necessarily mistake them for the real thing. The beautiful teak colour of Nuteak has fooled the eyes of many because it looks just like a newly sanded teak deck.
Nuteak is made to withstand harsh sun and salty
Harsh sun accompanies many of the most beautiful yachting destinations in the world. Salty conditions combined with strong sun has proven to be too much for many materials. With your Nuteak deck you can focus on avoiding sunburn and enjoying the water without worrying
about your deck fading or drying out in the sun.
Nuteak is non-slip or non-skid, wet or dry for safety under any
Compared to most marine anti-slip surfaces, faux teak non skid is among the best. A large percentage of boating accidents and injuries are a result of slippery surfaces. Unfortunate injuries can ruin any day on the water, with the high quality non-slip surface of Nuteak you can keep the odds in your favour.
Nuteak will not split, peel, crack or dry out. Dents and damage
can easily be removed or repaired.
When you get the chance to spend time on your boat, you want to enjoy it, without having to worry about your decking. Nuteak’s promise of durability will get you back on the water with confidence, knowing that you’ve found the decking option that can handle whatever you throw at it.
Nuteak costs less than teak and lasts longer with less hours
spent on maintenance.
Short term, a Nuteak deck will cost you a little less than a real teak deck. Long term, if you add up all of the time and money spent on the maintenance of a teak deck, and the fact that the average lifespan of Nuteak is much longer than a real teak deck. Nuteak is excellent value for money.
ICA Group fully supports Nuteak with a 20 year industry
leading warranty.
If incredible durability, safety and aesthetics don't inspire enough confidence, then this industry leading 20 year material warranty will.
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