Synthetic Boat Decking FAQs

What is Nuteak made out of?
Nuteak is made of durable, virgin PVC, it is UV stabilised and 100% recyclable.
Where is Nuteak made?
The material is manufactured in Canada and shipped to Nuteak panel manufacturers around the world.
When was ICA Group established?
Founded in 1986 in Quebec, Canada, ICA Group is a family owned and operated business. In 1996, we moved our operations to South Florida where we still operate today.
What is the lifespan of a Nuteak Deck?
The material lifespan is dependent on use, many of the first Nuteak decks installed 12 years ago are still in very good condition. The 20 year material warranty shows our confidence in the lifespan of Nuteak.
How much UV protection does it have?
Nuteak does not simply have a UV resistant surface, the material is fully UV stabilised from top to bottom. Any time you wash or sand your deck, you don't need to worry about wearing through the UV protection.
Does Nuteak get hot?
Any material left in the hot sun for a reasonable period of time will raise in temperature. Synthetic teaks in general are cooler than teak wood with minimal temperature differences between synthetic teak products. Watch the following synthetic teak temperature comparison. https://youtu.be/XZ0eZXu6YCs
How wide are the planks?
A single plank is 50mm plus a 5mm nautical line. The bulk of the material is produced as a double plank with 2 50mm planks and 2 5mm lines resulting in a 110mm strip of nuteak.
How much does Nuteak weigh?
Regular Nuteak weighs 4.65kg/sqm and Nuteak SL weighs 40% less at 2.80kg/sqm.
Is Synthetic teak non-slip?
Nuteak is non-slip wet or dry, for safety under any conditions. The non-slip surface can easily be restored at any time with a light sand in the direction of the grain with 40 to 60 grit sandpaper.
Can I make the template myself?
Yes, you can make your own template by following the instructions in our video tutorial. Simply send the template to your nearest fabricator who will build the panels for you. https://youtu.be/HzaOgz-rKeE
Can I Make the panels myself?
Nuteak’s unique tongue and groove joint system makes it possible for smaller sections to be DIY fabricated using glue only eg. small swim platforms, a table top or a settee. It is not recommended for larger areas as panel fabrication requires specific PVC welding tooling and experience. If you would like to fabricate decks on a regular basis feel free to contact us to arrange fabrication training.
Can I install the panels myself?
Yes, contact us or speak to your nearest installer for installation instructions.
How will the panels arrive if I choose to do my own install?
The completed panels based on your template can be collected from the fabricator or couriered to you. In most cases larger panels will be rolled up for transport, simply unroll the panel and allow the material to settle and flatten before installing. In cold conditions allow the material to settle overnight, in direct sunlight it will only take an hour or 2.
How is synthetic teak attached to a deck?
Nuteak is always glued to the substrate. No screws, rivets or nails are necessary as these affect the strength of the substrate and often result in leaks and rotting.
What adhesive should I use?
Contact us or your nearest Installer to find out what adhesives are available in your area.
What surfaces can synthetic teak be applied to?
Adhesives approved for use with Nuteak will stick to most substrates successfully, including gel coat, fiberglass, Aluminum and plywood.
Are there different design options?
Nuteak is very versatile with many design possibilities. We categorize these into 3 basic groups.
1. No margins.
2. Part margin or Semi margin. (Margins around the edges of the deck and on hatch lids)
3. Full margin. (Margins around the edges of the deck, on and around hatch lids as well as fittings)
What are Margins?
Designs with margins have a plank or strip that forms a border or frame around the panel. Margins create a luxury, traditional nautical look.
What colors are available?
There are 4 standard color combinations, the plank comes in Teak and grey and the nautical line comes in black and off white. Custom colors are available for large orders.
What design is best for my boat?
A No margin design will give any vessel a minimalist nautical look. When it comes to margined designs a good guideline to follow is not to have too many margins in a small space, this will look very busy and make the deck feel smaller. For larger decks with fewer hatches a fully margined deck will look better while smaller decks with many hatches will look better with a part margin design. If you are unsure, you can contact us if you would like to consult with our designer and receive suggested designs and colors for your vessel.
How much does Nuteak cost?
The cost will be based on the size of the deck, the service of your choice (template, fabrication and install or fabrication only) and the design. Contact your nearest installer with this information for a quote.
Is Nuteak only for boats?
Nuteak can be used for any exterior marine applications. Nuteak has been used for outdoor stadiums, VIP sections, luxury bathrooms and showers, RVs, campers, table tops, swimming pool decks and even flooring for luxury aerial vehicles.
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