Maintenance plays a large role in the lifespan of any synthetic teak decking product. A product that often requires vigorous cleaning or sanding is going to wear faster than one that does not. Nuteak is 100% non-absorbent and therefore requires less maintenance then most marine flooring options. In most cases a Nuteak deck can be spot cleaned with soap and water when necessary and pressure washed 2 to 3 times a year.

Another factor that greatly adds to Nuteak’s durability is the fact that the material and color is constant through the full thickness of the product. The durability of other synthetic teak decking and composite products often relies on a surface layer that is 1-2mm thick, once this layer is worn through the deck will need to be replaced. With Nuteak serious damage or spills can be sanded with confidence because the material below the surface will look like a brand new piece of decking.

Discerning boat owners have been choosing Nuteak for years. No other deck covering combines the beauty and finish of teak with the durability and dependability of PVC. NuTeak will not rust or corrode. Stains, dents, and damage can easily be sanded away. If the damage has penetrated the full thickness of the product it can simply be welded shut with color matched material. If the damage covers a larger area that section of the decking can be replaced without the need to replace the entire deck.

With specialized UV protection and PVC’s natural tolerance of salty conditions, Nuteak won't crack, split, peel or dry out from exposure to the elements. We’re so confident that your Nuteak deck will continue to look great year after year that we stand behind it with our industry leading 20-year warranty.

When you get the chance to spend time on your boat, you want to enjoy it, without having to worry about your decking. Nuteak’s promise of durability will get you back on the water with confidence, knowing that you’ve found the decking option that can handle whatever you throw at it.

The Nuteak
Boat owners around the world agree — NuTeak looks just like real teak. With its beautiful wood finish, no one will know that your NuTeak deck is actually a
high-quality synthetic. But aside from the looks, there are many advantages to owning a NuTeak deck.
Nuteak is available in 4 color variations. Teak/Black, Teak/White, Grey/Black and Grey/White. For larger projects custom colors are an option with a minimum order size and increased lead time.
Industry Leading
We’re so confident that your Nuteak deck will continue to look beautiful year after year that we stand behind it with our 20 year warranty.
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