Fall 2023 ICA Group News

Welcome to the fall edition of the ICA Group newsletter! As the weather changes we’re looking forward to a busy season ahead.

In this issue, we’ll take a look at some of ICA Group’s newest releases and marine industry trends.

We hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter.

The ICA Group Team

Neptune Super Glue 50g by Marine Adhesives and Sealants Technologies

Neptune super glue is the latest generation of CA glue and the result of 15 years of experience. It has a faster tack time and a stronger flexible bond.

Product Description
Neptune Super Glue is a liquid, fast curing adhesive based on cyan acrylic. The adhesive cures through contact with moisture.

Cures in seconds. For bonding rubber, glass, metal and plastic.

Neptune Super Glue was developed for bonding among others rubber rings, glass, metals and plastics in for example: modelling, jewellery and ornaments. Also for bonding rubber profiles in glazing systems.
New Operation in Croatia
We would like to announce the opening of our new central European warehouse in Croatia. ICA Group D.O.O. ICA Group is now in full operation in Europe allowing distributors to receive both material and fabricated panels for their customers.

Nuteak is now the only Synthetic teak in the world with a fully owned fabrication operation in the US and Europe supplying its international distributors.
"Blood Teak"
Burmese Teak, now being referred to as "Blood Teak", has faced sanctions by different countries due to moral and ethical issues. These issues have left large luxury boat and yacht manufacturers in search of a realistic and quality alternative.

We are happy to be able to provide Nuteak to fill the need. Nuteak's look and feel was designed to be the closest synthetic match to real Burmese teak, only without the time consuming maintenance.
Nautikflör’s newest colors for a modern minimalist nautical look.
Our new colors are in response to yacht interior trends growing demand for modern color palettes. Nautikflör's signature nautical line
design will now be available in a warm light grey with subtle dark or light grey lines for a sophisticated nautical look that matches almost any color scheme.

The growing range of colors paired with Nautikflör's tried and tested durability, ease of maintenance, and water/moisture resistance makes it a superior flooring for any yacht, home or commercial space.
A New Look with Nautikflör
The Sea Spice water side fine dining restaurant in Miami has a new look with Nautikflör.

"Nautikflor is a great economic replacement for anyone looking for nautical teak look without the cost and maintenance of real teak wood. We have implemented this product in a couple of dining rooms at our restaurant and are very happy with the results so far. They have multiple options in color and can also customize. Highly recommended."

Iveta Rybarova (Manager)
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