The Royal Malta Yacht Club has a New Look with Nautikflor

The Royal Malta Yacht Club, founded in 1835, perhaps best known for their involvement in the famous Rolex Middle Sea Race, is excited to see their latest refurbishment which will be completed soon. With ICA Group’s Teak and Holly Nautikflor installed throughout the bar, restaurant, club reception, and more they have created a fresh nautical look that will stand the test of time.

Produced in Switzerland exclusively for ICA Group, Nautikflor was designed with boats in mind. It is a lightweight, waterproof flooring system that looks and feels just like a hardwood floor, but without the maintenance. Due to its commercial grade toughness, fast
installation and industry leading warranty, Nautikflor is fast gaining popularity with commercial and residential applications.

Hotels and restaurants greatly benefit from sanitary, stain resistant, non-absorbent flooring. Spills, moisture and humidity are not a problem for Nautikflor, it is both easy to clean as well as mold and rot resistant. Nautikflor also has a surface texture that mimics the feel of real wood and
provides a quality non-slip surface for added safety (R10 non-slip rating).
Nautikflor has 6 standard color combinations with compass rose designs for each color combination. The sophisticated, high definition printing process allows the hardwood and holly line design to be printed with extreme precision. Custom colors, designs and logos are also an option, an innovation which is only offered by NautikFlör.
Another innovation by ICA Group is ‘Nuteak’, an exterior synthetic teak decking which has the most realistic synthetic teak look and feel available. ICA Group takes their responsibility toward our planet and oceans seriously, through innovation ICA Group hopes to find better ways to live and protect our planet.
Aside from the cost and maintenance benefits, another reason why so many have decided to install synthetic alternatives is the fact that it does not impact endangered timbers. Burmese teak is under extreme pressure with very few legally sustainable suppliers left in the world. Trees are also being harvested before they reach maturity which results in inferior timber. The high demand pushes up the price, which fuels illegal deforestation and results in the endangerment of certain plant species.

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