Why put a deck on my boat?

The aesthetic of well designed teak boat decking is a major factor for most when it comes to whether or not to have a deck fitted on your boat. While the look and feel is a major factor let us first have a look at the other ways that a synthetic teak deck benefits your boat.

There are few areas on a boat that take as much of a beating as the deck. Together gelcoat and fiberglass are designed to deal with water, but sun and salt begin to test their limits. A gelcoats main defence against the sun is it’s gloss, which reflects heat. Regular polishing and waxing will keep your gelcoat glossy and its main UV defence strong. Oxidation, salt and wear will determine how long your gelcoat stays glossy. Once it loses its gloss it starts to absorb the sun's rays which leads to drying, loss of flexibility and cracking. The gelcoat is what protects your fiberglass from hydrolysis and UV damage which can affect the structural integrity of your boat. If the boat has a core made of something other than fiberglass, it is even more important to make sure that it is never exposed to moisture. Once the core starts to rot it can be difficult and expensive to fix.

Feet, shoes, anchors and equipment greatly increase wear on the deck areas of your boat. Swim platforms and areas used for boarding and loading are usually the most at risk. Adding synthetic teak decking to these areas will essentially give them a 4.8mm thick long lasting, UV resistant, shock absorbing suit of armor. Nuteak is 100% non-absorbent, so once the panel is glued down and the edges sealed with the marine grade, UV resistant sealant, the structural components below are thoroughly protected from abrasion and the elements.
Nuteak is non-slip or non-skid, wet or dry for safety under any conditions. Compared to most marine anti-slip surfaces, synthetic teak non-skid is among the best. A large percentage of boating accidents and injuries are a result of slippery surfaces. Unfortunate injuries can ruin any day on the water. With the high quality non-slip surface of Nuteak you can keep the odds in your favor.
The look and feel of a nautical teak deck creates a luxury atmosphere like no other. Nuteak boasts the most realistic synthetic teak look available, without the splinters and maintenance that comes with a real teak deck. We can deck almost any part of your boat with multiple design options, from a modern minimalist look to a traditional nautical look or a balance of the two.
What areas of my boat need Synthetic Teak?

That depends on what you want to add to your boat. If you would like to preserve your gelcoat and the structural components below, then install synthetic teak on high traffic areas like swim platforms and loading areas. If you would like to increase the safety of your vessel, add high quality, non-slip, synthetic teak to high risk areas like steps and catwalks. If the nautical look and atmosphere is what you are after then put Nuteak in any areas you feel it will improve the look.
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